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Here at Scania Coordinator Unit Services we offer a full and comprehensive service for Scania Coordinator Unit malfunctions. We can replace or repair your faulty unit even on the side of the road. We are able to do this without the need of getting into immobiliser codes – this service is offered within UK mainland.

High Quality

We have a wide knowledge and experience in dealing with repairing, replacing and reprogramming of Scania Coordinator Units.  All units suppled by us are covered by 12 months warranty and can be installed and programmed on to your truck on the side of the road by one of our expert teams. The materials we use to refurbish and repair malfunctioning units are new and of the highest standards. The solders are much stronger than the ones manufactured by Scania.

Express Service

We keep a large stock of Scania Coordinator Units and can replace your faulty unit even the same day, depending on your location. We can also offer a repair service of your faulty Scania Coordinator Unit – all you need to do is post the unit to us, we will repair it and post it back to you.

24/7 Service

We are here when you need us the most! We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We do our best to be with you as soon as possible from the point of initial contact.


We hold a large stock of Scania coordinator units compatible with all types of gearboxes and  speeds of CAN bus. Units sold by us are fully working and tested and can be programmed to any Scania truck.

Scania Coordinator Unit

Scania Coordinator Unit is a central control unit, which coordinates the work of all electrical components in the truck. It receives, transmits and transfers both analogue and digital information from other coordinating units, sensors and switches.

Most common Scania Coordinator Unit Faults:

  • Your Scania suddenly stopped working and you can’t start it up,
  • Starter motor does not react when you try to start up the engine
  • After engaging ignition, the stop light is constantly on
  • Dashboard displaying various error messages
  • Accelerator doesn’t work
  • Dashboard displaying all possible error messages in yellow and red

Scania Coordinator Units series 7 manufactured from 2009, have a known manufacturing malfunction, which causes mass failures. We can fix and eliminate the fault with 100% success rate. Our service is covered by 12 months warranty. Our services are legal and we have already helped many drivers getting their trucks back on the roads. We have a wide knowledge and experience in servicing COO drivers and engine drivers.

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